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Personal Hygiene

Guest Sanitisation Protocol

We are committed to the Health and Safety of our Guests,our Staff and Ourselves


Please share with me any concerns you have so I can address them .


•    Don’t attend if unwell please give as much notice as possible .

•    Please inform me if you have had Covid 19 or tested positive for it .

•    Please Sanitise your hands on entry into the salon.

•    Place outerwear on hanger with your bag and place in plastic disposable covers provided .( If no staff member available to assist )

•   Please take a seat in the waiting area unless instructed.

•   Please arrive for your appointment un accompanied due to strict social distancing limits the amount of persons that will be in the salon ,we are unable to cater for friends sitting and waiting for you .

•   We have taken the decision to remove all magazines but please feel free to bring your iPad or phone to browse.

•   The Salon will be sanitised before ,during and after Guest services.

•   Please avoid moving around the salon from chair to chair .

Once sat at the work station avoid moving your chair in and out and touching work station surfaces .

Reception Area .

•    Avoid resting coats and bags on this area if possible.

•    Card payment facilities will be cleaned before and in use and after use.

If possible pay by card or Bank transfers while in the salon.

Rebooking .

We advice you re book while you are in the salon , by telephone  or via our social media,  has the days will be busy social media messages may not get answered until close of Business. No one will be allowed to walk in and make a booking and no walk in appointments will be taken .

 Restroom Facilities

•    Disposable paper towels will be provided for hand washing please dispose in the bins provided and not in the toilet.

•    Hand sanitiser will be provided.

Sanitising wipes will be provided for flush handles and door handles please dispose in bin provided not in toilet.


Exiting and collection of outerwear.

•    Please place outerwear on and dispose of plastic cover into bin provided.( If  no staff member available)

•    Sanitise hands before exiting

•    All handles and hand rails will be cleaned on exiting by a staff member .



I would like to thank you all for your continued support and understanding through out these times .

This is a working document so will be updated as required.

Please check .

Thank You 




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