Bespoke colour Education

Independant Bespoke Colour Education 

Do you need more confidence with colour?

Are you recently Qualifed or working towards level 3?

Have you taken time out of the Industry?

Has it been a long time since you attended Training?

Do you work on your own and need help and inspiration ?

I am a Independant Yorkshire Based Education company delivering Exceptional Education both on line and Class based.

This can be Groups and individual based.

Bespoke colour Theory


Monday 8th June 2020 10am 

Zoom Session

Monday 22nd June 10am

zoom session

Does Formulating colour scared you?

Are you unsure how To formulate?

What would happen if I took the colour chart away but learnt you how to formulate with out it.

What Will you Learn
To Formulate with confidence.
Examine  what that colour really means.
The real value in a tone the secret to amazing Toning. 
How to formulate to create a Dimension.
The lightening Curve how it supports how we formulate.
Colour Mapping.
The Eye what is it what does it do what does it mean to a Colourist.

In This theory Class I will Equip you with the information of how to formulate with confidence to create Bespoke Colours, and set you apart in your colour work.

Have you looked at other colourists work and wished you could create those Vibrant Luxurious Colours the difference between you and them is they know the secrets to creative Formulating, Now I will share those with you.

At the completion of this class I will elevate Your confidence to formulate with Ease.

Bespoke Balayage


Monday 14th September 2020 10am

Zoom session

Balayage is here to stay for a long time the graceful sweeping Ribbons of colour the dimensional tones .

Correct Placement of colour.

Creating negative Space.


What You will learn.

How to apply Lightener to achieve an instant blur.

The  tools and how to use them correctly.

How  to place lows and highs.

How To create Dimension.

How to create Negative space.

Section Density.

Lived in melting. 

Learn how to approach foiling in a commercially viable way.
Giving you the  confidence to Blend and Melt colours looking at shadowing.
I will share with you lots of tips on Application,Placement,Tool choices, Product choices,
You will Gain the confidence to place colour, work out the negative space, add and create Dimension and melt colour.

Bespoke Colour Theory 3D

3D Colour Wheel.

Monday 15th June 2020 10am 

Zoom Session

Tuesday 23rd June 2020 10am

Zoom Session

Consultation  Work ( This is not your ordinary consultaion).

Mineral Build up.

How to understand underlying Pigment.

Understanding developer (Theres so much more to this).

How to formulate for Root Melting.

3D Colour Theory.

we see the Colour Wheel as a flat wheel but what if I tell you its 3Dimensional and as different levels with in that Dimension .

In this Theory session we will investigate the 3d colour Wheel and ask what does that mean to us as colourists.

Consultation is key you will learn the tricks of amazing Consultation and its effect in how you formulate.

Understanding the underlying Pigments and how it effects how we colour.

Along with what really is our developer what is it doing what is it made up of and what does that mean when your creating your colour mix.

This Theory class will put the pazas back into theory and the excitment back into your heart. Your confidence will be elevated once you have completed this course.

Face Frame and Split Foiling

Face Frame and Split Foiling
Tuesday 9th June 2020 10am
Zoom Session

Look and Learn Face Frame and split foiling Technique.Are You finding your Foiling Technique is taking you to long this technique allows me to work quickly and efficiently with Maximun Impact. .This will be so important for when we go back to work . This class lasts 1 hour and its a look and learn Class.

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